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[eth-ok-sahyd] /ɛθˈɒk saɪd/

noun, Chemistry.
any of a class of saltlike compounds with the formula MOC2H5, where M is a metal atom Also called ethylate


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  • Ethoxy

    [e-thok-see] /ɛˈθɒk si/ noun, Chemistry. 1. the radical C 2 H 5 O−. ethoxy eth·ox·y (ě-thŏk’sē) n. The univalent radical C2H5O. adj. Relating to or containing the ethoxy radical.

  • Ethoxyethane

    /ɛˌθɒksɪˈiːθeɪn/ noun 1. the technical name for ether (sense 1)

  • Ethrog

    [es-rohg, -ruh g, et-; Sephardic Hebrew et-rawg; Ashkenazic Hebrew es-rohg] /ˈɛs roʊg, -rəg, ˈɛt-; Sephardic Hebrew ɛtˈrɔg; Ashkenazic Hebrew ɛsˈroʊg/ noun, plural ethrogs, ethrogim [Sephardic Hebrew et-raw-geem; Ashkenazic Hebrew es-roh-gim] /Sephardic Hebrew ɛt rɔˈgim; Ashkenazic Hebrew ɛsˈroʊ gɪm/ (Show IPA). Judaism. 1. . [es-rohg, -ruh g, et-; Sephardic Hebrew et-rawg; Ashkenazic Hebrew es-rohg] /ˈɛs roʊg, […]

  • Ethyl

    [eth-uh l] /ˈɛθ əl/ adjective 1. Chemistry. containing the , as , C 4 H 10 O. noun 2. a type of antiknock fluid, containing lead and other ingredients for a more even combustion. /ˈiːθaɪl; ˈɛθɪl/ noun 1. (modifier) of, consisting of, or containing the monovalent group C2H5-: ethyl group or radical 1838, modeled on […]

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