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[eth-uh-luh-ney-shuh n] /ˌɛθ ə ləˈneɪ ʃən/

noun, Chemistry.
the process of introducing an into a compound.


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  • Ethylene

    [eth-uh-leen] /ˈɛθ əˌlin/ Chemistry adjective 1. containing the . noun 2. Also called ethene, olefiant gas. a colorless, flammable gas, C 2 H 4 , having a sweet, unpleasant odor and taste, the first member of the , usually obtained from petroleum and natural gas: used as an agent to improve the color of citrus […]

  • Ethylene-alcohol

    noun 1. (def 1). [glahy-kawl, -kol] /ˈglaɪ kɔl, -kɒl/ noun 1. Also called ethylene glycol, ethylene alcohol. a colorless, sweet liquid, C 2 H 6 O 2 , used chiefly as an automobile antifreeze and as a solvent. 2. Also called diol. any of a group of containing two hydroxyl groups. /ˈɡlaɪkɒl/ noun 1. another […]

  • Ethylenediaminetetraacetic-acid

    [eth-uh-leen-dahy-uh-meen-te-truh-uh-see-tik, -set-ik, -min-; eth-uh-leen-dahy-uh-meen-te-truh-uh-see-tik, -set-ik, -min-] /ˈɛθ ə linˈdaɪ ə minˈtɛ trə əˈsi tɪk, -ˈsɛt ɪk, -mɪn-; ˌɛθ ə linˌdaɪ ə minˌtɛ trə əˈsi tɪk, -ˈsɛt ɪk, -mɪn-/ noun, Chemistry, Pharmacology. 1. . ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid eth·yl·ene·di·a·mine·tet·ra·a·ce·tic acid (ěth’ə-lēn-dī’ə-mēn-tět’rə-ə-sē’tĭk) n. EDTA.

  • Ethylene-dibromide

    noun, Chemistry. 1. .

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