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noun, Chemistry.
(def 1).
another name for ethanediol

ethylene glycol n.
A colorless syrupy alcohol used as an antifreeze in cooling and heating systems.
ethylene glycol
A poisonous, syrupy, colorless alcohol used as an antifreeze in heating and cooling systems that use water. Ethylene glycol is chemically like ethanol but has two hydroxyl (OH) groups instead of one. Also called glycol. Chemical formula: C2H6O2.


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  • Ethylene-group

    noun, Chemistry. 1. the bivalent group, −C 2 H 4 −, derived from ethylene or ethane. noun 1. (chem) the divalent group, -CH2CH2-, derived from ethylene

  • Ethylene-oxide

    noun, Chemistry. 1. a colorless, odorless, gaseous, toxic, ring compound, C 2 H 4 O, usually obtained by the oxidation of ethylene: used chiefly in the synthesis of ethylene glycol.

  • Ethylene-series

    noun, Chemistry. 1. . noun, Chemistry. 1. the homologous series of unsaturated, aliphatic hydrocarbons containing one double bond and having the general formula C n H 2n , as ethylene, H 2 C=CH 2 . noun 1. (chem) the homologous series of unsaturated hydrocarbons that contain one double bond and have the general formula, CnH2n; […]

  • Ethyl-ether

    noun, Chemistry. 1. (def 1). noun 1. a more formal name for ether (sense 1) ethyl ether n. See diethyl ether. ethyl ether See ether.

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