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Ethylvinyl ether

ethylvinyl ether eth·yl·vi·nyl ether (ěth’əl-vī’nəl)
A flammable, moderately potent inhalation anesthetic. Also called vinylethyl ether.


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  • Ethyne

    [eth-ahyn, e-thahyn] /ˈɛθ aɪn, ɛˈθaɪn/ noun, Chemistry. 1. . /ˈiːθaɪn; ˈɛθaɪn/ noun 1. another name for acetylene ethyne (ěth’īn’) See acetylene.

  • Ethynodiol

    ethynodiol e·thy·no·di·ol (ě-thī’nə-dī’ôl’, -ōl’) n. A semisynthetic steroid having similar biophysiological effects as progesterone and administered with an estrogen as an oral contraceptive.

  • Ethynyl

    [e-thahyn-l] /ɛˈθaɪn l/ adjective, Chemistry. 1. containing the . ethynyl e·thy·nyl (ě-thī’nĭl, ěth’ə-) n. The univalent hydrocarbon radical HC[bond3]C derived from acetylene.

  • Ethynylation

    [e-thahyn-l-ey-shuh n] /ɛˌθaɪn lˈeɪ ʃən/ noun, Chemistry. 1. the process of introducing the ethynyl group into a compound.

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