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[ih-truhs-kuh n] /ɪˈtrʌs kən/

pertaining to Etruria, its inhabitants, civilization, art, or language.
an inhabitant of ancient Etruria.
the extinct language of Etruria, not known to be related to any other language.
Abbreviation: Etr.
a member of an ancient people of central Italy whose civilization influenced the Romans, who had suppressed them by about 200 bc
the non-Indo-European language of the ancient Etruscans, whose few surviving records have not been fully interpreted
of, relating to, or characteristic of Etruria, the Etruscans, their culture, or their language

1706, from Latin Etruscus “an Etruscan,” from Etruria, ancient name of Tuscany, of uncertain origin, but containing an element that might mean “water” (see Basque) and which could be a reference to the rivers in the region.


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