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[ey-tood, ey-tyood, ey-tood, ey-tyood; French ey-tyd] /ˈeɪ tud, ˈeɪ tyud, eɪˈtud, eɪˈtyud; French eɪˈtüd/

noun, plural études
[ey-toodz, ey-tyoodz, ey-toodz, ey-tyoodz; French ey-tyd] /ˈeɪ tudz, ˈeɪ tyudz, eɪˈtudz, eɪˈtyudz; French eɪˈtüd/ (Show IPA)
a musical composition, usually instrumental, intended mainly for the practice of some point of technique.
(def 12).
/ˈeɪtjuːd; French etyd/
a short musical composition for a solo instrument, esp one designed as an exercise or exploiting technical virtuosity

1837, from French étude, literally “study,” from Old French estudie (12c.), from Latin studium (see study). Popularized in English by the etudes of Chopin (1810-1849).


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