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[yoo-kerd] /ˈyu kərd/

adjective, Australian Informal.
utterly done in or at the end of one’s tether; exhausted.
[yoo-ker] /ˈyu kər/
Cards. a game played by two, three, or four persons, usually with the 32, but sometimes with the 28 or 24, highest cards in the pack.
an instance of euchring or being euchred.
verb (used with object), euchred, euchring.
to get the better of (an opponent) in a hand at euchre by the opponent’s failure to win three tricks after having made the trump.
Slang. to cheat; swindle.
a US and Canadian card game similar to écarté for two to four players, using a poker pack with joker
an instance of euchring another player, preventing him from making his contracted tricks
verb (transitive)
to prevent (a player) from making his contracted tricks
(usually foll by out) (US & Canadian, Austral & NZ, informal) to outwit or cheat
(Austral & NZ, informal) to ruin or exhaust

card game, 1846, American English, of unknown origin.


To outwit, esp by cheating; scam (1855+)


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