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[yoo-met-uh-zoh-uh] /yuˌmɛt əˈzoʊ ə/

the major division, or subkingdom, of Animalia comprising the .


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  • Eumetazoan

    [yoo-met-uh-zoh-uh n] /yuˌmɛt əˈzoʊ ən/ noun 1. any of a major division, or subkingdom, of multicellular animals with a digestive tract, including all animals except the sponges. adjective 2. of or relating to the .

  • Eumetria

    eumetria eu·me·tri·a (yōō-mē’trē-ə) n. A normal graduation of the strength of nerve impulses to match the intended voluntary movement.

  • Eumung

    /ˈjuːmʌŋ/ noun 1. any of various Australian acacias

  • Eumycota

    [yoo-mahy-koh-tuh] /ˌyu maɪˈkoʊ tə/ noun, Biology. 1. a phylum of true fungi, distinguished from the funguslike slime molds, Myxomycota, and similar organisms by having a mycelial thallus: in some classification systems, the class Eumycetes.

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