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[yoo-nuh-koid] /ˈyu nəˌkɔɪd/

affected with .
a person affected with .

eunuchoid eu·nuch·oid (yōō’nə-koid’)
Partially resembling, or having the general characteristics of, a eunuch.


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  • Eunuchoid gigantism

    eunuchoid gigantism n. Gigantism in which testicular secretions are deficient or absent causing deficient sexual development and persistence of prepuberal characteristics.

  • Eunuchoidism

    [yoo-nuh-koi-diz-uh m] /ˈyu nə kɔɪˌdɪz əm/ noun, Pathology. 1. an abnormal condition in males, characterized by lack of fully developed reproductive organs and the manifestation of certain female sex characteristics, as high voice or lack of facial and body hair, resulting from the absence of a normal production of male sex hormones. eunuchoidism eu·nuch·oid·ism (yōō’nə-koi-dĭz’əm) […]

  • Euodias

    a good journey, a female member of the church at Philippi. She was one who laboured much with Paul in the gospel. He exhorts her to be of one mind with Syntyche (Phil. 4:2). From this it seems they had been at variance with each other.

  • Euonym

    noun an appropriate name for a person, place, or thing Examples The realtor’s name was Sue House, a euonym. Word Origin 1889; Gk. eu ‘good’ + onym ‘name’

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