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[yoo-fuh-mahyz] /ˈyu fəˌmaɪz/

verb (used with object), euphemized, euphemizing.
to refer to by means of .
verb (used without object), euphemized, euphemizing.
to employ euphemism.
to speak in euphemisms or refer to by means of a euphemism


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  • Euphonia

    [yoo-foh-nee-uh, -fohn-yuh] /yuˈfoʊ ni ə, -ˈfoʊn yə/ noun 1. any of several small tanagers of the genus Euphonia, having a melodious song, most species of which have yellow and glossy black plumage.

  • Euphonic

    [yoo-fon-ik] /yuˈfɒn ɪk/ adjective 1. pertaining to or characterized by . /juːˈfɒnɪk/ adjective 1. denoting or relating to euphony; pleasing to the ear 2. (of speech sounds) altered for ease of pronunciation

  • Euphonious

    [yoo-foh-nee-uh s] /yuˈfoʊ ni əs/ adjective 1. pleasant in sound; agreeable to the ear; characterized by : a sweet, euphonious voice.

  • Euphonium

    [yoo-foh-nee-uh m] /yuˈfoʊ ni əm/ noun 1. a brass musical instrument similar to the baritone tuba but somewhat smaller, with a wider bore and mellower tone, and often having a second bell. /juːˈfəʊnɪəm/ noun 1. a brass musical instrument with four valves; the tenor of the tuba family. It is used mainly in brass bands

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