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[yoo-plas-tik] /yuˈplæs tɪk/

adjective, Physiology.
capable of being transformed into organized tissue.
healing quickly and well

euplastic eu·plas·tic (yōō-plās’tĭk)
Readily transformed into tissue, as in the healing of a wound.


Read Also:

  • Euplastic lymph

    euplastic lymph n. Lymph containing relatively few white blood cells but a comparatively high concentration of fibrinogen and tending to become organized with fibrous tissue.

  • Euploid

    /ˈjuːplɔɪd/ adjective 1. having chromosomes present in an exact multiple of the haploid number noun 2. a euploid cell or individual euploid eu·ploid (yōō’ploid’) adj. Having a chromosome number that is an exact multiple of the haploid number for the species. n. An organism having a euploid chromosome number. eu’ploi’dy n.

  • Eupnea

    eupnea eup·ne·a (yōōp-nē’ə) n. Easy, free respiration, as is observed normally under resting conditions. eup·ne’ic adj.

  • Eupnoea

    /juːpˈnɪə/ noun 1. (physiol) normal relaxed breathing Compare dyspnoea

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