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a European stock exchange formed by the amalgamation of the Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam bourses


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  • Euronote

    /ˈjuːrəʊˌnəʊt/ noun 1. a form of euro-commercial paper consisting of short-term negotiable bearer notes

  • Europa

    [yoo-roh-puh, yuh-] /yʊˈroʊ pə, yə-/ noun 1. Also, Europe. Classical Mythology. a sister of Cadmus who was abducted by Zeus in the form of a bull and taken to Crete, where she bore him Rhadamanthus, Minos, and Sarpedon. 2. Astronomy. a large natural satellite of the planet Jupiter. /jʊˈrəʊpə/ noun 1. (Greek myth) a Phoenician […]

  • Europanet

    A combination of pan-European backbone services run by DANTE.

  • Europatent

    [yoo r-oh-pat-nt, yur-] /ˈyʊər oʊˌpæt nt, ˈyɜr-/ noun 1. a on inventions that is granted by a central authority under a unified European convention and is valid in participating European countries.

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