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[yoo r-uh-pee-uh-nist, yur-] /ˌyʊər əˈpi ə nɪst, ˌyɜr-/

a person who advocates Europeanism, especially the unification of Europe.


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  • Europeanize

    [yoo r-uh-pee-uh-nahyz, yur-] /ˌyʊər əˈpi əˌnaɪz, ˌyɜr-/ verb (used with object), Europeanized, Europeanizing. 1. to make . /ˌjʊərəˈpɪəˌnaɪz/ verb (transitive) 1. to make European in culture, dress, etc 2. to integrate (a country, economy, etc) into the European Union

  • European-larch

    noun 1. a pine tree, Larix decidua, of northern and central Europe, having slender, yellow-gray branchlets and oval cones with downy scales, grown for timber and as an ornamental.

  • European-linden

    noun 1. See under (def 1). [lin-duh n] /ˈlɪn dən/ noun 1. any tree of the genus Tilia, as T. americana (American linden) or T. europaea (European linden) having fragrant yellowish-white flowers and heart-shaped leaves, grown as an ornamental or shade tree. Compare . 2. the soft, light, white wood of any of these trees, […]

  • European monetary institute

    noun 1. an organization set up in 1991 to coordinate economic and monetary policy within the European Union: superseded by the European Central Bank in 1998

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