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[yoo-roh-puh-sen-trik, yoo r-uh-puh-] /yʊˌroʊ pəˈsɛn trɪk, ˌyʊər ə pə-/



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  • Europol

    /ˈjʊərəʊˌpɒl/ noun acronym 1. European Police Office, an international association devoted to fighting cross-border organized crime within the European Union European Police Office

  • Europoort

    /Dutch ˈøːroːpoːrt/ noun 1. a port in the Netherlands near Rotterdam: developed in the 1960s; handles chiefly oil

  • Eurosceptic

    /in Britain ˌ jʊərəʊˈskɛptɪk/ noun 1. a person who is opposed to closer links with the European Union adjective 2. opposing closer links with the European Union: Eurosceptic MPs

  • Euro-sceptic

    noun, adjective a person who is skeptical of the European Union and the value of the interconnection of the European economies and powers

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