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[ih-vaj-uh-neyt] /ɪˈvædʒ əˌneɪt/

verb (used with object), evaginated, evaginating.
to turn inside out, or cause to protrude by eversion, as a tubular organ.
(transitive) (med) to turn (an organ or part) inside out; turn the outer surface of (an organ or part) back on itself

“to turn (a tube) inside out,” 1650s, from Latin evaginatus, past participle of evaginare “to unsheathe,” from ex- (see ex-) + vagina (see vagina). Related: Evaginated; evaginating.

evagination e·vag·i·na·tion (ĭ-vāj’ə-nā’shən)
The protrusion of some part or organ from its normal position.
e·vag’i·nate’ v.


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