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[eev-ningz] /ˈiv nɪŋz/

in or during the regularly:
She worked days and studied evenings.
[eev-ning] /ˈiv nɪŋ/
the latter part of the day and early part of the night.
the period from sunset to bedtime:
He spent the evenings reading.
Chiefly Midland and Southern U.S. the time between noon and sunset, including the afternoon and twilight.
any concluding or declining period:
the evening of life.
an evening’s reception or entertainment:
Their evenings at home were attended by the socially prominent.
of or relating to evening:
The evening sky shone with stars.
occurring or seen in the evening:
the evening mist.
(informal) in the evening, esp regularly
the latter part of the day, esp from late afternoon until nightfall
the latter or concluding period: the evening of one’s life
the early part of the night spent in a specified way: an evening at the theatre
an entertainment, meeting, or reception held in the early part of the night
(Southern US & Brit, dialect) the period between noon and sunset
(modifier) of, used, or occurring in the evening: the evening papers

from Old English æfnung “evening, sunset,” verbal noun from æfnian “become evening, grow toward evening,” from æfen “evening” (see eve). As a synonym of even (n.), it dates from mid-15c. and now entirely replaces the older word in this sense. Another Old English noun for “evening” was cwildtid.

Related Terms

large evening

the period following sunset with which the Jewish day began (Gen. 1:5; Mark 13:35). The Hebrews reckoned two evenings of each day, as appears from Ex. 16:12: 30:8; 12:6 (marg.); Lev. 23:5 (marg. R.V., “between the two evenings”). The “first evening” was that period when the sun was verging towards setting, and the “second evening” the moment of actual sunset. The word “evenings” in Jer. 5:6 should be “deserts” (marg. R.V.).

see: good day (evening)


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