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[adjective ev-ree-dey; noun ev-ree-dey] /adjective ˈɛv riˌdeɪ; noun ˈɛv riˈdeɪ/

of or relating to every day; daily:
an everyday occurrence.
of or for ordinary days, as contrasted with Sundays, holidays, or special occasions:
everyday clothes.
such as is met with every day; ordinary; commonplace:
a placid, everyday scene.
the routine or ordinary day or occasion:
We use inexpensive plates for everyday.
happening each day; daily
commonplace or usual; ordinary
suitable for or used on ordinary days as distinct from Sundays or special days

late 14c., “a week day” (n.); 1630s, “worn on ordinary days” (adj.), as opposed to Sundays or high days, from every + day; extended sense of “to be met with every day, common” is from 1763.


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