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[ev-ree-thing] /ˈɛv riˌθɪŋ/

, or particular of an aggregate or total; all.
something extremely important:
This news means everything to us.
something that is extremely or most important:
Money is his everything.
the entirety of a specified or implied class: she lost everything in the War
a great deal, esp of something very important: she means everything to me

late 14c., from every + thing.
In addition to the idiom beginning with everything


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    [ev-ree-wey] /ˈɛv riˌweɪ/ adverb 1. in every way; in every direction, manner, or respect: They tried everyway to find the information.

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    [ev-ree-hwair, -wair] /ˈɛv riˌʰwɛər, -ˌwɛər/ adverb 1. in every place or part; in all places. /ˈɛvrɪˌwɛə/ adverb 1. to or in all parts or places adv. Old English æfre gehwær; see every + where. see:

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