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[ih-vok-uh-tiv, ih-voh-kuh-] /ɪˈvɒk ə tɪv, ɪˈvoʊ kə-/

tending to :
The perfume was evocative of spring.
tending or serving to evoke

1650s, from Late Latin evocativus “pertaining to summoning,” from Latin evocatus, past participle of evocare (see evoke).


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  • Evocator

    [ev-uh-key-ter, ee-voh-] /ˈɛv əˌkeɪ tər, ˈi voʊ-/ noun 1. a person who evokes, especially one who calls up spirits. /ˈɛvəˌkeɪtə/ noun 1. a person or thing that evokes 2. (embryol) a substance or tissue that induces morphogenesis evocator ev·o·ca·tor (ěv’ə-kā’tər, ē’və-) n. A factor in the control of morphogenesis in the early embryo. Also called […]

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    noun a branch of biology investigating the links between evolution and the development of different organisms Word Origin acronym for EVOlutionary DEVelopment Usage Note informal science

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    [ih-vohk] /ɪˈvoʊk/ verb (used with object), evoked, evoking. 1. to call up or produce (memories, feelings, etc.): to evoke a memory. 2. to elicit or draw forth: His comment evoked protests from the shocked listeners. 3. to call up; cause to appear; summon: to evoke a spirit from the dead. 4. to produce or suggest […]

  • Evoked-potential

    noun 1. an electrical response of a nerve cell or group of nerve cells to externally induced stimulation, especially to determine whether or not an area of the brain receives sensory information from a particular stimulus.

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