a person who believes in or supports a theory of , especially in biology.
a person who supports a policy of gradual growth or development rather than sudden change or expansion.
of or relating to or evolutionists.
believing in or supporting a theory of , especially in biology.
Contemporary Examples

I am a theist and an evolutionist, to be sure, but the combined term makes no sense to me.
Meet the Prizewinning Catholic Biologist Creationists Can’t Stand Karl W. Giberson April 5, 2014

Historical Examples

The rector has come out, in a quiet way, as an evolutionist.
A Mortal Antipathy Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

Thus, to Spencer, the evolutionist theory contains no immorality.
Initiation into Philosophy Emile Faguet

Darwin himself felt a great difference in looking at variation as an evolutionist and as a systematist.
Evolution in Modern Thought Ernst Haeckel

But if we grant this second demand, the evolutionist has a third in store for us.
The Story of the Earth and Man J. W. Dawson

I think one can, and so evidently does the evolutionist, or he would not talk about evolution.
Orthodoxy G. K. Chesterton

Will the evolutionist be satisfied with this explanation, or will he suggest some other?
British Quarterly Review, American Edition, Volume LIV Various

These two views are conveniently described as revolutionist and evolutionist.
Twentieth Century Socialism Edmond Kelly

The evolutionist not only uses his imagination but claims the right to do so.
The Other Side of Evolution Alexander Patterson

Is it less foolish for an evolutionist to isolate man’s emotions, feelings, and thoughts?
Nature Mysticism J. Edward Mercer

a person who believes in a theory of evolution, esp Darwin’s theory of the evolution of plant and animal species
of or relating to a theory of evolution

1859, from evolution + -ist. Related: Evolutionism.

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