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[ek-suh-bahyt] /ˈɛk səˌbaɪt/

noun, Computers.
2 60 , or 1,024 .
(loosely) 10 18 or a billion billion . Symbol: EB.
(computing) 1018 or 260 bytes

company, storage
A company and, by extension, a tape format for computer data backup and transfer. The tape is a data quality 8mm video cassette recorder tape. Exabyte units can store between five and fourteen gigabytes of data per tape. Exabytes are usually attached to Unix workstations.
[What different tape capacities exist? Compare with DAT?]

2^60 = 1,152,921,504,606,846,976 bytes = 1024 petabytes or roughly 10^18 bytes.
See prefix.


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