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Excess luggage

luggage that is greater in weight or in number of pieces than an airline, etc, will carry free


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  • Excess-profits tax

    [ek-ses prof-its] /ˈɛk sɛs ˈprɒf ɪts/ noun 1. a tax on the profits of a business enterprise in excess of the average profits for a number of base years, or of a specified rate of return on capital.

  • Excess-sound-pressure

    noun, Physics. 1. (def 1). noun, Physics. 1. Also called excess sound pressure, instantaneous sound pressure. the difference between the pressure at a point in a medium through which a sound wave is passing and the static pressure of the medium at that point. 2. .

  • Excess supply

    noun 1. (economics) a situation in which the market supply of a commodity is greater than the market demand for it, thus causing its market price to fall

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    1. . 2. . jargon /eks’ch*/ or /eksch/ To exchange two things, each for the other; to swap places. If you point to two people sitting down and say “Exch!”, you are asking them to trade places. EXCH, meaning EXCHange, was originally the name of a PDP-10 instruction that exchanged the contents of a register […]

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