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[iks-cheyn-jee, -cheyn-jee, eks-cheyn-jee] /ɪks tʃeɪnˈdʒi, -ˈtʃeɪn dʒi, ˌɛks tʃeɪnˈdʒi/

a person who takes or has taken part in an , as of students or prisoners.


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  • Exchange-equalization-fund

    noun 1. . noun 1. a monetary reserve established by a country to provide funds for maintaining the official exchange rates of its currency by equalizing the buying and selling of foreign exchange.

  • Exchange force

    noun (physics) 1. a force between two elementary particles resulting from the exchange of a virtual particle 2. the force causing the alignment of the magnetic dipole moments of atoms in ferromagnetic materials exchange force (ĭks-chānj’) A force that results from the continuous interchange of particles between two or more bodies. The exchange of electrons […]

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    [iks-cheynj] /ɪksˈtʃeɪndʒ/ verb (used with object), exchanged, exchanging. 1. to give up (something) for something else; part with for some equivalent; change for another. 2. to replace (returned merchandise) with an equivalent or something else: Most stores will allow the purchaser to exchange goods. 3. to give and receive reciprocally; interchange: to exchange blows; to […]

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    noun 1. the ratio at which a unit of the currency of one country can be exchanged for that of another country. noun 1. the rate at which the currency unit of one country may be exchanged for that of another The price at which one currency can be purchased with another currency or gold. […]

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