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[ik-skur-zhuh-nist, -shuh-] /ɪkˈskɜr ʒə nɪst, -ʃə-/

a person who goes on an .
/ɪkˈskɜːʃənɪst; -ʒənɪst/
a person who goes on an excursion


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  • Excursion-ticket

    noun 1. a round-trip ticket at a reduced fare, often for use within a limited period of time.

  • Excursive

    [ik-skur-siv] /ɪkˈskɜr sɪv/ adjective 1. given to making in speech, thought, etc.; wandering; digressive. 2. of the nature of such ; rambling; desultory: excursive conversation. /ɪkˈskɜːsɪv/ adjective 1. tending to digress 2. involving detours; rambling

  • Excursus

    [ek-skur-suh s] /ɛkˈskɜr səs/ noun, plural excursuses, excursus. 1. a detailed discussion of some point in a book, especially one added as an appendix. 2. a digression or incidental excursion, as in a narrative. /ɛkˈskɜːsəs/ noun (pl) -suses, -sus 1. an incidental digression from the main topic under discussion or from the main story in […]

  • Excurvature

    [eks-kur-vuh-cher] /ɛksˈkɜr və tʃər/ noun 1. the condition of being curved outward or away from the center.

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