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a commercial complex consisting of an office building set in parklike surroundings, often with such facilities as parking lots, restaurants, and recreational areas.


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  • Executive-privilege

    noun 1. the discretionary right claimed by certain U.S. presidents to withhold information from Congress or the judiciary.

  • Executive-secretary

    noun 1. a secretary with independent administrative responsibilities who assists an executive in a business firm. 2. an official who directs the business operations of an organization, especially a nonprofit one.

  • Executive-session

    noun, Government. 1. a session, generally closed to the public, of a legislative body or its leaders. noun (US, government) 1. a session of the Senate for the discussion of executive business, such as the ratification of treaties: formerly held in secret

  • Executive summary

    noun an overview of the main points of a business plan or proposal

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