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a machine or device used for physical exercise or training:
Is the treadmill a good exercise machine?


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  • Exercise physiology

    exercise physiology (ěk’sər-sīz’) The scientific study of the acute and chronic metabolic responses of the human body to exercise, including biochemical and physiologic changes in the heart and skeletal muscles.

  • Exercise-price

    noun 1. . noun 1. Finance. the fixed price at which a person can exercise an option to buy or sell something, especially in a call or put option. noun 1. (stock exchange) the price at which the holder of a traded option may exercise his right to buy (or sell) a security

  • Ex-dividend

    adverb, adjective 1. exclusive of dividend: applied to a stock traded when payment of a dividend is pending, indicating that the price of the security does not include any dividend declared (distinguished from ). adverb 1. without the right to the current dividend: to quote shares ex dividend Compare cum dividend adjective without dividend; indicating […]

  • Ex div.

    abbreviation 1. ex dividend adjective See ex dividend

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