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a plan for getting out of a difficult or unfavorable situation:
committing troops without an exit strategy.
a plan that maximizes profits when liquidating investments or a business.
a method or plan for extricating oneself from an undesirable situation
a plan and timetable for withdrawal from a military engagement
the method by which an investor intends to cash out of an investment

an investor’s plan for getting out of an investment if a certain situation arises; a plan to cash out of an investment venture; also called liquidity event


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  • Exit-tax

    noun 1. a tax formerly imposed on certain Soviet citizens who had been educated at government expense in the Soviet Union and wished to emigrate.

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    noun a wound made by a bullet or projectile that passes through the body

  • Ex-lege

    [eks le-ge; English eks lee-jee] /ɛks ˈlɛ gɛ; English ɛks ˈli dʒi/ adverb, Latin. 1. by virtue of law.

  • Ex lib.

    1. ex libris. abbreviation 1. ex libris

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