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Expected utility

(statistics) the weighted average utility of the possible outcomes of a probabilistic situation; the sum or integral of the product of the probability distribution and the utility function


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  • Expected-value

    noun 1. Statistics, Mathematics. . noun 1. (statistics) the sum or integral of all possible values of a random variable, or any given function of it, multiplied by the respective probabilities of the values of the variable. Symbol: E(X). E(X) is the mean of the distribution; E(X–c) = E(X)–c where c is a constant Also […]

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    [ik-spekt] /ɪkˈspɛkt/ verb (used with object) 1. to look forward to; regard as likely to happen; anticipate the occurrence or the coming of: I expect to read it. I expect him later. She expects that they will come. 2. to look for with reason or justification: We expect obedience. 3. Informal. to suppose or surmise; […]

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    [ik-spek-ter-uh nt] /ɪkˈspɛk tər ənt/ Medicine/Medical, Pharmacology adjective 1. promoting the discharge of phlegm or other fluid from the respiratory tract. noun 2. an expectorant medicine. /ɪkˈspɛktərənt/ adjective 1. promoting the secretion, liquefaction, or expulsion of sputum from the respiratory passages noun 2. an expectorant drug or agent n. 1782, from Latin expectorantem (nominative expectorans), […]

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