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[ik-sper-uh-men-tl] /ɪkˌspɛr əˈmɛn tl/

pertaining to, derived from, or founded on :
an experimental science.
of the nature of an ; tentative:
The new program is still in an experimental stage.
functioning as an or used for :
an experimental airplane.
based on or derived from ; empirical:
experimental knowledge.
something that is experimental.
relating to, based on, or having the nature of experiment: an experimental study
based on or derived from experience; empirical: experimental evidence
tending to experiment: an experimental artist
tentative or provisional: an experimental rule in football

mid 15c., “having experience,” from experiment (n.) + -al (1). Meaning “based on experience” is from 1560s. Meaning “for the sake of experiment” is from 1792 (e.g. Experimental farm).


Read Also:

  • Experimental medicine

    experimental medicine n. The scientific investigation of medical problems by experimentation upon animals or by clinical research.

  • Experimental philosophy

    noun a type of philosophy that relies on gathering and interpreting data through experiments testing thought and reasoning Examples Some work in experimental philosophy can be seen as undercutting the traditional methods and presuppositions of analytic philosophy.

  • Experimental physics control systems

    body (EPCS) A group of the European Physical Society, focussing on all aspects of controls, especially informatics, in experimental physics, including accelerators and experiments. (1994-12-12)

  • Experimental programming language

    language (EPL) A language by David May which influenced occam. [“EPL: An Experimental Language for Distributed Computing”, D.C. May, in Trends and Applications 1978: Distributed Processing, NBS, pp.69-71]. (1994-11-18)

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