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[ik-spound] /ɪkˈspaʊnd/

verb (used with object)
to set forth or state in detail:
to expound theories.
to explain; interpret.
verb (used without object)
to make a detailed statement (often followed by on).
when intr, foll by on or about. to explain or set forth (an argument, theory, etc) in detail: to expound on one’s theories, he expounded his reasoning

c.1300, from Old French espondre “expound (on), set forth, explain,” from Latin exponere “put forth, explain, expose, exhibit,” from ex- “forth” (see ex-) + ponere “to put, place” (see position); with intrusive -d (cf. sound (n.1)). The usual Middle English form was expoune. Related: Expounded; expounding.


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