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Expression mark

one of a set of musical directions, usually in Italian, indicating how a piece or passage is to be performed


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  • Expression tree

    mathematics, grammar The syntax tree of an expression. (1998-11-14)

  • Expression vector

    expression vector n. A vector, such as a plasmid, yeast, or animal virus genome, used to introduce foreign genetic material into a host cell in order to replicate and amplify the foreign DNA sequences as a recombinant molecule.

  • Expressive aphasia

    expressive aphasia ex·pres·sive aphasia (ĭk-sprěs’ĭv) n. See motor aphasia.

  • Expressively

    [ik-spres-iv] /ɪkˈsprɛs ɪv/ adjective 1. full of ; meaningful: an expressive shrug. 2. serving to ; indicative of power to : a look expressive of gratitude. 3. of, relating to, or concerned with : Dance is a highly expressive art. 4. Sociology. (of a crowd or group) engaging in nonpurposeful activity of an expressive and […]

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