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[ik-spuhls] /ɪkˈspʌls/

verb (used with object), expulsed, expulsing. Obsolete.
to expel.


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  • Expulsion

    [ik-spuhl-shuh n] /ɪkˈspʌl ʃən/ noun 1. the act of driving out or : expulsion of air. 2. the state of being : The prisoner’s expulsion from society embittered him. /ɪkˈspʌlʃən/ noun 1. the act of expelling or the fact or condition of being expelled n. c.1400, from Old French expulsion, from Latin expulsionem (nominative expropriatio), […]

  • Expulsive

    [ik-spuhl-siv] /ɪkˈspʌl sɪv/ adjective 1. tending or serving to expel. /ɪkˈspʌlsɪv/ adjective 1. tending or serving to expel expulsive ex·pul·sive (ĭk-spŭl’sĭv) adj. Tending to expel.

  • Expulsive pain

    expulsive pain n. A labor pain associated with contraction of the uterine muscle.

  • Expunction

    [ik-spuhngk-shuh n] /ɪkˈspʌŋk ʃən/ noun 1. the act of ; erasure.

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