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[ik-sten-suh-buh l] /ɪkˈstɛn sə bəl/

capable of being .
capable of being extended


Read Also:

  • Extensible database

    database A DBMS that allows access to data from remote sources as if the remote data were part of the database. [Example?] (1997-11-20)

  • Extensible vax editor

    text, tool (EVE) A DEC product implemented using DEC’s Text Processing Utility (TPU). [Details?] (2000-05-08)

  • Extensile

    [ik-sten-suh l, -sahyl] /ɪkˈstɛn səl, -saɪl/ adjective, Chiefly Zoology, Anatomy. 1. capable of being extended; adapted for stretching out; extensible; protrusible.

  • Extensimeter

    [ek-sten-sim-i-ter] /ˌɛk stɛnˈsɪm ɪ tər/ noun 1. .

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