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(in many universities and colleges) a program for persons not regularly enrolled as students, frequently provided through evening classes or classes in off-campus centers, or by correspondence.


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  • Extension-field

    noun 1. Mathematics. a field that contains a given field as a subfield.

  • Extension-ladder

    noun 1. a ladder having two or more sections joined by a sliding mechanism that allows the ladder to be extended to the total length.

  • Extension language kit

    language (Elk) A Scheme interpreter by Oliver Laumann net@cs.tu-berlin.de and Carsten Bormann cabo@cs.tu-berlin.de of the Technical University of Berlin. Elk was designed to be used as a general extension language. New types and primitive procedures can easily be added. It has first-class environments, dynamic-wind, fluid-let, macros, autoloading and a dump. It provides interfaces to Xlib, […]

  • Extension-library-service

    noun 1. the provision of library materials and services outside the library’s regular service center or outlet.

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