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[ek-sturn; for 3 also ik-sturn] /ˈɛk stɜrn; for 3 also ɪkˈstɜrn/

a person connected with an institution but not residing in it, as a doctor or medical student at a hospital.
a nun of a strictly enclosed order, as the Carmelites, who resides inside the convent but outside its enclosure and who chiefly goes on outside errands.
Archaic. ; outer.
/ˈɛkstɜːn; ɪkˈstɜːn/
(US) a person, such as a physician at a hospital, who has an official connection with an institution but does not reside in it

“outsider,” c.1600, from French externe, from Latin externus (see external).

extern ex·tern (ěk’stûrn’)
An advanced student or recent graduate who assists in the medical or surgical care of hospital patients and may reside outside the institution.


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