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External carotid nerve

external carotid nerve n.
Any of the sympathetic nerve fibers extending upward from the superior cervical ganglion along the external carotid artery, forming the external carotid plexus.


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  • External carotid plexus

    external carotid plexus n. An autonomic plexus that is formed by the external carotid nerves, surrounds the external carotid artery, and gives origin to a number of secondary plexuses along the branches of the external carotid artery.

  • External carotid steal syndrome

    external carotid steal syndrome n. Brief ischemic attacks that are marked by dizziness and loss of balance and are caused by insufficient blood supply to the vertebral and basilar arteries.

  • External-combustion

    [ik-stur-nl-kuh m-buhs-chuh n] /ɪkˈstɜr nl kəmˈbʌs tʃən/ adjective 1. noting or pertaining to an engine, as a steam engine, in which fuel ignition takes place outside the cylinder, turbine, or the like, in which heat energy is transformed into mechanical force.

  • External-combustion engine

    noun 1. a heat engine in which the working fluid is heated in an external boiler or heat exchanger and is thus isolated from the process of fuel combustion

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