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Extracellular toxin

extracellular toxin n.
See exotoxin.


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  • Extra cheese

    noun All the trimmings, all the perks: going out with him for the extra cheese

  • Extrachromosomal

    [ek-struh-kroh-muh-soh-muh l] /ˌɛk strəˌkroʊ məˈsoʊ məl/ adjective, Genetics. 1. of or relating to DNA that exists outside the main chromosome and acts independently.

  • Extrachromosomal element

    extrachromosomal element ex·tra·chro·mo·so·mal element (ěk’strə-krō’mə-sō’məl) n. See plasmid.

  • Extrachromosomal inheritance

    extrachromosomal inheritance n. Inheritance of traits through DNA that is not connected with the chromosomes but rather to DNA from organelles in the cell. Also called cytoplasmic inheritance.

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