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[ek-struh-tuh-res-tree-uh l] /ˌɛk strə təˈrɛs tri əl/

outside, or originating outside, the limits of the earth.
an extraterrestrial being:
a science fiction novel about extraterrestrials conquering the earth.
occurring or existing beyond the earth’s atmosphere
(in science fiction) a being from beyond the earth’s atmosphere

also extra-terrestrial, 1812, from extra- + terrestrial. As a noun from 1956.
Originating, located, or occurring outside the Earth or its atmosphere.
extraterrestrial [(ek-struh-tuh-res-tree-uhl)]

A descriptive term for things outside the Earth, such as possible civilizations outside the solar system, or objects, such as meteorites, that actually reach the Earth.


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