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noun, Biochemistry.

extrinsic factor n.
See vitamin B12.


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  • Extrinsic incubation period

    extrinsic incubation period n. The interval between the acquisition of an infectious agent by a vector and the vector’s ability to transmit the agent to other susceptible vertebrate hosts.

  • Extrinsic sphincter

    extrinsic sphincter n. A sphincter formed by circular muscular fibers extraneous to the organ.

  • Extro-

    1. variant of (used to contrast with intro-, ): extrovert. word-forming element meaning “outwards,” a variant of extra- by influence of intro-. extro- pref. Variant of extra-.

  • Extropian

    noun, adjective an advocate of the theory that cultural and technological development will expand indefinitely and in an orderly progressive manner throughout the universe

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