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[ik-strood] /ɪkˈstrud/

verb (used with object), extruded, extruding.
to thrust out; force or press out; expel:
to extrude molten rock.
to form (metal, plastic, etc.) with a desired cross section by forcing it through a die.
verb (used without object), extruded, extruding.
to protrude.
to be extruded:
This metal extrudes easily.
(transitive) to squeeze or force out
(transitive) to produce (moulded sections of plastic, metal, etc) by ejection under pressure through a suitably shaped nozzle or die
(transitive) to chop up or pulverize (an item of food) and re-form it to look like a whole: a factory-made rod of extruded egg
a less common word for protrude

1560s, from Latin extrudere “to thrust out, drive away,” from ex- “out” (see ex-) + trudere “to thrust” (see extrusion). Related: Extruded; extruding.

extrude ex·trude (ĭk-strōōd’)
v. ex·trud·ed, ex·trud·ing, ex·trudes


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