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Eyes front

(military) a command to troops to look ahead
a demand for attention


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  • Eyeshade

    [ahy-sheyd] /ˈaɪˌʃeɪd/ noun 1. a visor worn on the head or forehead to shield the from overhead light. /ˈaɪˌʃeɪd/ noun 1. an opaque or tinted translucent visor, worn on the head like a cap to protect the eyes from glare

  • Eyeshine

    [ahy-shahyn] /ˈaɪˌʃaɪn/ noun 1. the reflected glow in the eyes of some animals in darkness.

  • Eyeshot

    [ahy-shot] /ˈaɪˌʃɒt/ noun 1. range of vision; view: The ship passed within eyeshot. 2. Archaic. a glance. /ˈaɪˌʃɒt/ noun 1. range of vision; view

  • Eyesight

    [ahy-sahyt] /ˈaɪˌsaɪt/ noun 1. the power or faculty of seeing. 2. the act or fact of seeing. 3. the range of the : to come within eyesight. /ˈaɪˌsaɪt/ noun 1. the ability to see; faculty of sight n. c.1200, from eye (n.) + sight (n.). eyesight eye·sight (ī’sīt’) n.

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