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[ahy-wosh, ahy-wawsh] /ˈaɪˌwɒʃ, ˈaɪˌwɔʃ/

Also called collyrium. Pharmacology. a solution applied locally to the for irrigation or administering medication.
Informal. nonsense; bunk.
a mild solution for applying to the eyes for relief of irritation, etc
(informal) nonsense; rubbish

“a wash or lotion for the eyes,” 1866, from eye (n.) + wash (n.). Colloquial use for “blarney, humbug” (1884), chiefly British, is perhaps from the notion of “something intended to obscure or conceal facts or true motives.” But this, and expression my eye also may be the verbal equivalent of the wink that indicates one doesn’t believe what has been said (cf. French mon oeil in same sense, accompanied by a knowing pointing of a finger to the eye).

eyewash eye·wash (ī’wŏsh’)
A soothing solution for bathing or medicating the eye.



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