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[fab-lee-oh; French fa-blee-oh] /ˈfæb liˌoʊ; French fa bliˈoʊ/

noun, plural fabliaux
[fab-lee-ohz; French fa-blee-oh] /ˈfæb liˌoʊz; French fa bliˈoʊ/ (Show IPA)
a short metrical tale, usually ribald and humorous, popular in medieval France.
/ˈfæblɪˌəʊ; French fɑblijo/
noun (pl) fabliaux (ˈfæblɪˌəʊz; French) (fɑblijo)
a comic usually ribald verse tale, of a kind popular in France in the 12th and 13th centuries


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