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[adverb feys-doun; noun feys-doun] /adverb ˈfeɪsˈdaʊn; noun ˈfeɪsˌdaʊn/

with the face or the front or upper surface downward:
He was lying facedown on the floor. Deal the cards facedown on the table.
Also, face-down. Informal. a direct confrontation; showdown.


Read Also:

  • Face flies

    plural noun 1. flies (musca autumnalis) that attack cattle, feeding off their eye secretions

  • Face fungus

    noun phrase A beard; whiskers: Which do you fancy, the blue-eyed chap in the tux or the loser with the face fungus? (1972+)

  • Face-gear

    noun, Machinery. 1. a disklike gear having teeth cut on the face more or less radially and engaging with a spur or helical pinion, the axis of which is at right angles to it.

  • Face-harden

    [feys-hahr-dn] /ˈfeɪsˌhɑr dn/ verb (used with object) 1. to harden the surface of (metal), as by chilling or casehardening. verb 1. (transitive) to harden the surface of (steel or iron) by the addition of carbon at high temperature

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