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[fuh-seet] /fəˈsit/

adjective, Archaic.


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  • Facetectomy

    facetectomy fac·e·tec·to·my (fās’ĭ-těk’tə-mē) n. Excision of a facet, as of a vertebra.

  • Faceted

    [fas-it] /ˈfæs ɪt/ noun 1. one of the small, polished plane surfaces of a cut gem. 2. a similar surface cut on a fragment of rock by the action of water, windblown sand, etc. 3. aspect; phase: They carefully examined every facet of the argument. 4. Architecture. any of the faces of a column cut […]

  • Facetiae

    [fuh-see-shee-ee] /fəˈsi ʃiˌi/ plural noun 1. amusing or witty remarks or writings. /fəˈsiːʃɪˌiː/ plural noun 1. humorous or witty sayings 2. obscene or coarsely witty books

  • Face-time

    noun 1. a brief appearance on television. 2. a brief face-to-face meeting, especially with someone important. 3. a face-to-face meeting with a person one knows only from phone conversations, email correspondence, etc. noun 1. the time spent dealing with someone else face to face, esp in a place of work noun phrase Time spent face-to-face […]

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