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Facial tic

facial tic n.
Involuntary spasmodic movement of the facial muscles. Also called facial spasm, prosopospasm.


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  • Facial-tissue

    noun 1. a soft, disposable paper tissue especially for cleansing the face or for use as a handkerchief.

  • Facial vein

    facial vein n. Any of four veins of the face; the anterior, common, deep, and retrimandibular.

  • Facies

    [fey-shee-eez, -sheez] /ˈfeɪ ʃiˌiz, -ʃiz/ noun, plural facies. 1. general appearance, as of an animal or vegetable group. 2. Geology. the appearance and characteristics of a sedimentary deposit, especially as they reflect the conditions and environment of deposition and serve to distinguish the deposit from contiguous deposits. Compare . 3. Medicine/Medical. a facial expression characteristic […]

  • Facile

    [fas-il or, esp. British, -ahyl] /ˈfæs ɪl or, esp. British, -aɪl/ adjective 1. moving, acting, working, proceeding, etc., with ease, sometimes with superficiality: facile fingers; a facile mind. 2. easily done, performed, used, etc.: a facile victory; a facile method. 3. easy or unconstrained, as manners or persons. 4. affable, agreeable, or complaisant; easily influenced: […]

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