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[fey-shuh l] /ˈfeɪ ʃəl/

of the face:
facial expression.
for the face:
a facial cream.
a treatment to beautify the face.
of or relating to the face
a beauty treatment for the face, involving cleansing, massage, and cosmetic packs

c.1600, “face to face,” from French facial, from Medieval Latin facialis “of the face,” from facies (see face (n.)). Meaning “of the face” is from 1818. The noun meaning “beauty treatment for the face” is from 1914, American English.

facial fa·cial (fā’shəl)
Relating to the face.


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  • Facial-angle

    noun 1. Craniometry. the angle formed by a line from nasion to prosthion at its intersection with the plane of the Frankfurt horizontal. noun 1. the angle formed between a line from the base of the nose to the opening of the ear and a line from the base of the nose to the most […]

  • Facial artery

    facial artery n. An artery with origin in the external carotid artery, with branches to the palatine, tonsillar, and glandular branches, the submental, inferior and superior labial, masseteric, buccal, and nasal branches, and the angular artery; external maxillary artery.

  • Facial axis

    facial axis n. See basifacial axis.

  • Facial bone

    facial bone n. Any of the bones surrounding the mouth and nose and contributing to the eye sockets, including the upper jawbones, the zygomatic, nasal, lacrimal, and palatine bones, the inferior nasal concha and the vomer, lower jawbone, and hyoid bone.

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