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[fak-sim-uh-lee] /fækˈsɪm ə li/

an exact copy, as of a book, painting, or manuscript.
Also called fax. Telecommunications.

(def 5).
verb (used with object), facsimiled, facsimileing.
to reproduce in facsimile; make a facsimile of.
Also, fax. Telecommunications.


an image produced by facsimile transmission
verb -les, -leing, -led
(transitive) to make an exact copy of

1660s, from Latin fac simile “make similar,” from fac imperative of facere “to make” (see factitious) + simile, neuter of similis “like, similar” (see similar).

(“fax”) A process by which fixed graphic material including pictures, text, or images is scanned and the information converted into electrical signals which are transmitted via telephone to produce a paper copy of the graphics on the receiving fax machine.
Some modems can be used to send and receive fax data. V.27 ter and V.29 protocols are used.
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  • Facsimile-catalog

    noun, Library Science. 1. a catalog that includes small reproductions of the items listed, as paintings, slides, designs, or the like.

  • Facsimile transmission

    noun 1. an international system of transmitting a written, printed, or pictorial document over the telephone system by scanning it photoelectrically and reproducing the image after transmission Often shortened to fax

  • Facsimile machine

    noun 1. a machine which transmits and receives documents in facsimile transmission Often shortened to fax, fax machine

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    FACSM abbr. Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine

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