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  • Failure-directed testing

    programming (Or “heuristics testing”) Software testing based on the knowledge of the types of errors made in the past that are likely for the system under test. (1996-05-16)

  • Fain

    [feyn] /feɪn/ adverb 1. gladly; willingly: He fain would accept. adjective 2. content; willing: They were fain to go. 3. Archaic. constrained; obliged: He was fain to obey his Lord. 4. Archaic. glad; pleased. 5. Archaic. desirous; eager. /feɪn/ adverb 1. (usually with would) (archaic) willingly; gladly: she would fain be dead adjective 2. (obsolete) […]

  • Fainaigue

    [fuh-neyg] /fəˈneɪg/ verb (used without object), fainaigued, fainaiguing. 1. British Dialect. to shirk; evade work or responsibility. 2. to renege at cards.

  • Faineance

    [fey-nee-uh nt; French fe-ney-ahn] /ˈfeɪ ni ənt; French fɛ neɪˈɑ̃/ adjective 1. Also, faineant [fey-nee-uh nt] /ˈfeɪ ni ənt/ (Show IPA). idle; indolent. noun, plural fainéants [fey-nee-uh nts; French fe-ney-ahn] /ˈfeɪ ni ənts; French fɛ neɪˈɑ̃/ (Show IPA) 2. an idler. /ˈfeɪnɪənt; French fɛneɑ̃/ noun 1. a lazy person; idler adjective 2. indolent adj. 1610s […]

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