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[fair-vyoo] /ˈfɛərˌvyu/

a town in NE New Jersey.


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  • Fairview-heights

    noun 1. a city in SW Illinois.

  • Fairview-park

    noun 1. a city in N Ohio.

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    [fair-wey] /ˈfɛərˌweɪ/ noun 1. an unobstructed passage, way, or area. 2. Golf. 3. Nautical. /ˈfɛəˌweɪ/ noun 1. (on a golf course) the areas of shorter grass between the tees and greens, esp the avenue approaching a green bordered by rough 2. (nautical) n. 1580s, “navigational channel of a river,” from fair (adj.) + way (n.). […]

  • Fairweather

    [fair-weth-er] /ˈfɛərˌwɛð ər/ noun 1. Mount, a mountain in SE Alaska. 15,292 feet (4660 meters). [fair-weth-er] /ˈfɛərˌwɛð ər/ adjective 1. used in or intended for fair weather only. 2. weakening or failing in time of trouble: His fair-weather friends left him when he lost his money. /ˈfɛəˌwɛðə/ noun 1. Mount Fairweather, a mountain in W […]

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